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FAQ Luts

What are Luts?

LUT is the abbreviated verion for "Lookup Table" which describes a specific array of numbers that provide a shortcut for a certain computation. The LUT comes as a .cube file which will then be used for color grading a video or an image by transforming color input values (= camera footage) to a desired output value (= your final cinematic footage).

What Luts can I purchase?

At the moment, we are offering the GoPro Signature Luts as these are the most demanded Luts for cinematic video footage. The GoPro is a very popular camera and used by many videographers and pilots all around the world. Therefore, the GoPro Luts are suitable for every one - for skilled and experienced persons and for persons new in the game!

Note: The GoPro Luts work the best for GoPro Footage (optimized and tested) but they can also be used for footage captured with other cameras (such as BlackMagic, Sony or DJI!)

How do I download the Luts?

After you've purchased the Luts you will receive an email (from massivemonkey) with the download link (Size of GoPro Signature Luts is approx. 32 MB). Don't forget to check your spam folder if you don't receive the link immediately. It is very important that you type in your email correctly at the checkout. 

We highly recommend to download the Luts and safe them locally where you can find them again OR to save the download link and email. Since you don't need a customer account to purchase the product, the download link won't be added to your personal account (if you have one).

How do I install the Luts?

Together with the Luts you'll also receive access to a video guide with the step-by-step introduction on how to install the .cube files and how to use the Luts!

Why should I use the Luts by Ellis van Jason?

As a videographer and FPV pilot, Ellis is always trying to bring something new to the table. Even though there are a lot of LUT packs out there, there is definitely a need for an upgrade. These LUTs are specifically optimized for one camera and work therefore very well. So, Ellis decided to create 10 similar but still different LUTs which are optimized for GoPro. For FPV pilots like him, the GoPro is such a valuable camera due to its robustness, size and quality. Since the GoPro is not a cinematic camera, we see it crucial to make sure that the GoPro is used to its best. All the LUTs contained in the signature package by Ellis van Jason have been created over the years and every single FPV video or Reel was finished with these LUTs.

What software do I need?

All the Luts are compatible with any editing software which can read & import .cube files. They can for example be used with DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro or Final Cut. Don't worry, we have 33 point cubes as a backup so in case the 65 .cube files don’t work we got you covered!

Will there be more Luts available soon?

Of course, there will be! Further LUTs for the Mavic 3, BMPCC and Red Komodo are being released soon! Signup the newsletter to be the first knowing about new products and to get some special deals :)

FAQ Masterclass

What does the new Masterclass cover?

A lot. A detailed content description of the masterclass is given on the product page of the masterclass.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the Masterclass?

In case you bought the new Masterclass and only watched a small part of it, you can drop us an email why you wish a refund. We will investigate your progress and if you've watched less than 5% of the total masterclass, we are happy to give you a full refund and remove your enrollement.

Can I download the Masterclass?

No, you cannot download the Masterclass to watch it offline. 

Do I need a login for the Masterclass?

Yes, you will be redirected to a sub-domain and have to purchase the masterclass over the masterclass hosting platform Teachable. There you'll have to setup a personal login with which you can access the masterclass any time. Your progress will be saved when you log-out.

Will the old Masterclass still be accessible?

Yes, if you are enrolled to the previous ('old') masterclass, you can still watch the whole content. However, the previous masterclass is not anymore offered to purchase.

Will there be a discount for returning students?

If you're enrolled to the previous masterclass, we will offer you a special discount for the new masterclass. A personalized coupon has been sent to all enrolled students. In case you've not receive one, please contact us, before buying the 'new' masterclass!

How long do I need to watch the Masterclass?

Hard to say! To watch the whole content it takes over 7 hours. However, there is no specific order in which you have to watch the videos. You can jump from a lesson to another and rewatch it as many times as you want. Also, your progress will be recorded so you'll know exactly what lessons you've already watched and which you still have to go.

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