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Cinematic FPV

Using Technology to evoke Emotions

Award-winning & licensed Pilot

 Together We Fly

All the way up to the highest peak, between skyscrapers, through houses and buildings, under bridges, around humans and with animals, down massive waterfalls, over parks and stunning sceneries. 

FPV is trending 🔥 - from feature films to documentaries, FPV drones are more and more used due to their speed, agility and unique look. 

Latest Releases

FPV Masterclass 2.0 

After one and a half years I went back to the studio to completely update my FPV Masterclass as a lot changed in the FPV space and the need for an update was there. My new Masterclass is over 7h long including 33 lessons.  What is different to the 'old' Masterclass?

  • Bigger focus on tuning ( PIDs & Filters) 
  • Focus on Cinelifters X8 & X4 (Cinema grade drones)
  • Naked Blackmagic drones
  • Talks with Special Guests
  • Stronger focus on Grading & Editing in general 
  • Revision of general topics (Motors, Batteries, Props, etc.). 
  • Introduction of the latest & gratest technology available
  • How do I edit my Reels on Instagram
  • I share what I could learn over the last 1.5 years 
  • Clear recommendation & tips added to most of the lessons

My new Signature Drone

After months of development and testing, I'm happy to finally introduce you BOB57, my new Signature Cinematic Hybrid drone in collaboration with iFlight. Probably the best Allrounder FPV drone on the market: 

  • Flight time close to a 7inch & Agility close to a 5 inch
  • Smart XT60 plug & USB-C plug for GoPro
  • Optimized Props & Outside protection 
  • Reinforced H-Frame for less props in view
  • GoPro Front & Back mount

GoPro Signature LUTs 🔥

Finally, I decided to release my GoPro Signature Luts specifically optimized for GoPro cameras. Those are the exact same LUTs that I used for all my Cinematic FPV videos I've created to date. Over the years I developed my own LUTs, as most of the LUTs available are either not optimized for a single camera or just not high quality (too artistic, crazy exposure shifts, etc.). I am convinced that your grade will improve within seconds with these LUTs.

  • 10 high-quality (65 & 33 point) .cube LUTs 
  • Created, optimized and tested for GoPro
  • The LUTs I used for all my videos (Ellisvanjason look)
  • Tutorial about how to apply them and a few quick tips
  • Created for Rec.709 colour space
  • They work with DaVinci, FinalCut and Premiere Pro

Award & News

CNN Interview

Thanks CNN for the awesome interview and for sharing my passion with the world!

Skypixel Winner 2021

Check out how and with which submission I've won the 2020 Sky Pixel Award by DJI!

Worlds tallest Waterfall

Have you already seen my crazy dive down the Angel Falls in Venezuela? Thank you Drone DJ for sharing this with the World!


Have you seen my Matterhorn Dive already? Check out this article by Drone Sumo!